Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Day Three

The big pot of chili was a hit. I have to admit, it did turn out even better than usual this time, probably due to the fact that I had a large well-marinated steak that desperately needed to be cooked up, so I tossed it on the grill, sliced it super thin, shredded the tender slices and tossed the pile of flavorful meat into the pot.

My family's favorite cornbread, which I always make in the nifty sunflower pan and serve on a pretty glass cake stand by slicing off each "petal" was also very popular today. If you are following the link above to the cornbread recipe, I recommend reducing the milk to one cup, cutting out a little bit of the sugar, and adding in a can of diced green chiles. Sometimes I even add in a can of corn, but not today, as there was already some corn in the pot of chili this time and also quite a bit in the salad described below.

This Fiesta Cucumber-Corn Salad was very well-received, too. The flavor was unique and complimented the chili and cornbread nicely. Unless you hate cilantro, try this salad. I am glad I made a huge batch of it and now have some in the freezer for next time.

I had forgotten to make dessert until only half an hour before lunch today, but Elli convinced me to go ahead and make up a quick batch of brownies. I knew that brownies are impossible to cut and serve when they are fresh and hot out of the oven, but she won me over with her hopeful eyes. Sure enough, they were an impossible gooey mess...and, as such, they were the best dessert of the week, so far. Everyone raved about them for the rest of the day, swearing they never wanted to wait for brownies to cool and be "manageable" again.

The pumpkin cream cheese muffins I made this morning received rave reviews, of course. Sheila's muffins are a sure-fire win, a no-brainer.

It was a long and busy day, again with much standing in the cave, but there were no major mishaps, so I will record it as a success. I even had the energy to make a simple but hot meal for my family at the end of the day, as opposed to the cold cut sandwiches we have had for dinner the last two nights.

No baking tonight for tomorrow's breakfast. I have pulled something out of the freezer to serve, giving myself a break. I meant to make tomorrow's lunch tonight, but I didn't get to it. I will have to get on it right after breakfast.



AmberJ said...

Again, I just have to pause and applaud the cooking efforts you have been making this week. Your menu has my mouth watering and wondering how long of a trip it really is to Montana and could I -- realistically -- make it there for lunch? And do I have to be a student to partake in such wonderful food?

All rhetorical questions, of course!

I am making crock-pot chili and fresh, homemade (no jiffy boxes around here!) cornbread for dinner tonight -- which I had started before I read this post. Thanks for the tip regarding the sweet cornbread. i had looked at that recipe on the box, but decided against it at one point. I will make sure to follow your recipe instead. :)

alison said...

You're doing great! I will definitely check out the cornbread.

Having lunch be the big meal of the day is actually quite healthful.

You are in a sort of homemaker bootcamp. I am really excited at the way you are being stretched, but I'm looking forward to the point where it all comes together, where you wonder why it's easier and realize the burden seems lighter, not because it is, but because your shoulders are stronger.

For anyone, this schedule would be grueling, but your working conditions put the whole thing over the top. The skill set you are going to carry out of this experience is really amazing.

Mister Ed T said...

Great stuff. I wish I was taking the woodworking course. For the skills of course!

By the way, while you are slaving over the hot stove are the students learning anything out is the shop, or are they too busy smelling the sweeet aroma of their next meal?

alison said...

Checking in.

Hoping you aren't slumped over the stove. There isn't really space for you to pass out in that kitchen, is there?

Cheering for you.