Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Day Three, Morning Edition

I decided late last night that I was going to make pumpkin cream cheese muffins to go with the breakfast this morning. I started getting my supplies together and then I remembered:

The oven.

The oven that smoked like a chimney last time I used it would surely continue to smoke until it is properly cleaned.


We don't have one of them there new-fangled fancy self-cleanin' things, so we sprayed it thoroughly with oven cleaner and then I set my alarm clock for very early this morning so I could wipe it all down and still get the muffins made before breakfast needed to be set out for the class.

My knees are a little tired from kneeling in front of the oven, but it is very clean and the muffins were delicious--and right on time.

Now I will go do the breakfast dishes and get a pot of chili going so it can simmer until lunch time.


AmberJ said...

I am in awe over the meals you are providing for your students -- and that you have done so in the first place! -- how you have time to cook, clean, and educate your children; and stay sane all the while. You are amazing!

alison said...

Baby, important tip: baking soda. You can cover the bottom of the oven with it to keep an oven from smoking. If you get too much of a build up, just vacuum it out and then scrub your oven, when it's convenient.

Sherry C said...


Need I remind you that I have no babies, toddlers or even preschoolers anymore? You could do this too, if you had big kids like I do who can vacuum and dust and scrub toilets and sweep and mop--as well as run to the pantry for a can of stewed tomatoes, make the brownies, brown some ground beef, stir the chili, make more coffee and set the table. Start training those babies, girlfriend. It is more work right now, to help them learn to do a job, but it pays off...oh, it pays off.


Good to know. Would have been better to know at o'dark-thirty this morning.

alison said...

Coming back to agree on the training. I have a girl who is learning to cook and is completely independent with her laundry and I have a boy who's working on it. :)

Team Sponski said...

I was gonna say how proud I am of you Sherry, because I am and WE are ALL rooting for you....and I mean it.

AND then I read your friends comments and thought,"Wow...lots of good advice...inspiring....and that baking soda tip...I wish someone would have told me a long time ago!" All you ladies sound AWESOME! :-) Cant' wait to hear from you tonight/tomorrow.