Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Day Nine

Day Nine was a piece of cake...and boy-howdy was that cake tasty.

I chopped the apples for the German Apple Cake late last night. (Note on the recipe: I use half brown sugar, half white when I make this cake.) It really made the morning easy. I mixed up the rest of the cake at seven-thirty this morning and popped it in the oven before I set out the guys' breakfast. The house smelled soooo good already by the time I started the two big enchilada casseroles at nine. And as I cooked up the ground beef and onions for the casseroles, the aroma only became more complex and enticing.

The casseroles were assembled by ten o'clock; one was wrapped well and put into the freezer and the other sat on the counter waiting to go in the oven. I thawed some leftover Fiesta Cucumber-Corn Salad and cut up some fresh fruit for a fruit salad.

And that was pretty much it.

I added some chips and salsa and iced tea to the casserole and salads and the table was set.

More freshly whipped cream topped the apple cake. I can't seem to get enough of that cream.

School went smoothly and we were all done by three-thirty. Tano even enjoyed his math today! Should I repeat that, or did you get it the first time? Tano enjoyed his math today. The word he actually used was "fun." Seriously.

Like I said, today was a piece of cake.

The day was beautiful--classic Autumn--with morning storm clouds, sun breaks casting dramatic lighting on the mountains, and frequent rainbows giving everything a rosy glow. Afternoon brought some amazing wind, with gusts that carried aspen leaves like golden snow flurries and had Fudgey's ears flipping up like flaps on the wings of an airplane. The strong wind blew the heavy clouds out of the valley and the sun shone brightly. It was so lovely that I had to be out there. I pulled on my knit cap with the ear flaps and pom poms on strings and Elli and I went out for a walk. The air was so fresh and clean, the oxygen so abundant. Deep breaths were in order. It was nice.

This evening, the boys had an errand to run and Elli wanted to...drum roll, please...bake. Ok. No problem. We would bake--just for fun. The bar cookies cooling on the counter smell wonderful.

Pumpkin-cream cheese muffins are also on the counter, thawing, and fruit is already washed and arranged in a bowl, ready for breakfast tomorrow. As of nine o'clock tonight, I am done.

Piece of cake.


Mister Ed T said...

Awesome! I can almost smell your kitchen from here.

alison said...

Well done!

alison said...

BTW, what math was Tanomano doing?

alison said...

Returning to ask, did you do anything special to keep the apples from browning?

Sherry C said...


Tano was studying exponents and square roots, the point at which math begins to look more difficult than it really is. He was thrilled that day to find that he could do problems that involved multiple sets of parentheses and square root signs--things that would have baffled him only a week before.

Regarding the apples, I just chopped them, tossed them into a tupperware and added a few slugs of lemon juice. Nothing fancy.