Friday, October 03, 2008

Day Five

I'm tired.

I made thirty burritos today, using up some miscellaneous pieces of chicken and steak, as well as the leftover chili. I wrapped each one individually in foil to help the flavors to blend and the tortillas to soften nicely. We ate half of the batch for lunch and I froze the rest for a lunch in the next class.

The cranberry-apple salad was colorful and tasty--a simple mix of six chopped Gala apples, a can of whole berry cranberry sauce and a can of mandarin oranges. It doesn't sound like much, but it made enough for two meals' worth.

The Spanish rice was bland. I'm not sure what happened; not enough salt and pepper, perhaps, and I did forget to add some cilantro when it was ready to serve. I doubled this recipe, and I will be adding some more zip to it when I thaw and serve the leftovers on burrito day next time.

A green salad again and some lemonade completed the main meal, and then more of Elli's pumpkin cake was served for dessert.

It was ok. The burritos were good.

I was worn out by the end, but had to quickly rinse and stack the dishes and turn right around to head over to Nance's to teach my little Shakespeare class. We have grown to ten kids now, ages eight to fourteen. We are only halfway through Act One of Romeo and Juliet, but they are really understanding it, and the old English is coming easier and easier each time. I did not feel like teaching the group today, but was glad I did. It's a fun group of kids.

From Nance's, I drove over to church for choir practice. Elli is finally old enough this year and is thriving under the direction of someone who really knows what they are doing. Tano is not interested in singing, but is a helper for the director, signing kids in and out of practice and dispersing information to the parents. Plus, he will serve as the master of ceremonies for the performances, one of which historically packs out an entire high school gymnasium. It's a pretty big deal.

While our kids were at choir practice, Nance asked if I would go for a walk with her and her daughter-in-law, Connie. Normally, I love these Friday afternoon walks, down the quiet country roads that run through the farmers' fields behind the church, but today I almost turned her down. I was just so tired. I did go, and the fresh air was nice, but I let the two of them carry the conversation.

Now we are preparing to go down to Main St. of our little town for the First Friday events. Again, I really don't feel like it, but family time is precious during these classes, so I will take what I can get. Plus, Andy offered to help me with the dishes I didn't get to earlier, when we get back. I'll take it.

Off we go to Normanrockwellville.

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alison said...

I'm so glad I know exactly where you were tonight.

Regarding the cooking: I am SURE that the meal was better than OK. Completely sure.

Rest when you are able.