Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My son is amped. I, on the other hand, am just plain stupid.

The boy loves energy drinks--not all, but some:

Monster=GOOD, Rock Star=BAD.
Full Throttle=GOOD, NOS=BAD.
Amp=GOOD, Sobe Adrenaline Rush=BAD.

I think he has tried them all. This is what he spends his pocket money on, whenever he gets the opportunity. It's perhaps my biggest failure as a mother, that I allow this indulgence, but the boy is eleven years old and all his friends think energy drinks are the coolest thing since velcro shoes*.

Plus, I can't be the perfect mom ALL the time; it would make the other moms feel bad.

I went to town last night to run a few errands and the boy sent some of his money with me to buy him an energy drink. I came back with a can of grape-flavored Amp, one he'd never tried before, and he is sipping on it while he does his school work this morning. It's not really helping him all that much. (Aren't you feeling good about your own parenting right about now? That's just me, being considerate of your feelings. And you're welcome.)

As he always does, he offered me a sip of this new ginseng, taurine, guarana, maltodextrin, d-ribose, caffeine and sugar cocktail. As always, I nearly spit it back out. Every single one of the energy drinks I've sampled has tasted like bad 70's cough syrup to me. This time it was grape cough syrup. Blech!

My son is baffled that I don't like them and fairly amused at my dramatic revulsion to each new variety. I suppose my contorted face and ridiculous antics are a little over the top, but hey, how dull would his life be without me overreacting once in a while?

That's just me, being considerate again.

* Ok, the middle school boys don't actually think velcro shoes are cool. I made that part up. But I thought they were pretty darn cool when the kids were toddlers, fo' sho.'


K Murphy J said...

Keep him away from Viso, if he hasn't already tried that. (Though that may be more of an energy water than an energy drink.) I've never tried any. Regular coffee amps me up quite enough and I usually only drink that at work.

Sheila said...

This is a great post. I think if you are going to have a failure as a parent, go all out and make it a good one. Well done! (While we're confessing, mine was bedtime and sleeping in my room. We went through a "need to sleep with mom and dad" phase that ended with a king size bed. yep. we went all out. Happy to say that phase is OVER.)