Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Amped, Part Two, or Turbo Redux

Not to be outdone by his energetic sister's feats of yesterday, the boy spent a goodly amount of the energy garnered from his aforementioned beverage on similar feats of endurance today.

He decided to complete all three tasks that she had done, plus asked me to make up one more so the record would show he had officially outdone her. Note: Little moments like this are a true joy of home education.

This was #4: Run a complete circle around twenty-five different trees in the yard, running from tree to tree, as well.

It was a very cold morning, and at the time that he did his little enduro-fest, the mercury hadn't yet cleared thirty degrees, so he didn't have a problem with overheating. When he came back in from the final challenge, cheeks flushed from exertion and cold, he put on quite a show of still being hyped up and ready for more. In a gesture of triumph, he yanked the fleece beanie off his head and threw it on the floor decisively, then paced the living room floor with long and powerful strides, pumped his fist, pounded his chest, and made a few odd grunting noises.

After a few moments of what I can only guess was a fit of adrenaline and testosterone-induced posturing, he turned to look at me and found me staring at him, my eyes wide and bearing an expression of disbelief mixed with confusion, amusment and a little bit of fear. When he saw me thus, he softened and smiled and I recognized him as my son again. We both laughed and I tousled his hair and congratulated him...then sent him to the shower.

My little boy is becoming a man. Or something like that.


K Murphy J said...

Whew. That's just a hair's breath away from puberty. Please teach him to use the fist-pump judiciously. haha!

Mister Ed T said...

WARNING: Do not, I repeat, "DO NOT" allow Turbo to touch one of those power drinks, EVER!!!!