Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Shakespeare in the Park

The Montana Shakespeare in the Parks touring company is really outstanding, by anyone's standards. They have been in operation for thirty-six years, and this summer gave seventy-four performances in fifty-seven communities around the state. That's a lot of Shakespeare for little ol' backwoods Montana.

Last night, our family and some friends went to see them do All's Well That Ends Well, one of the lesser known plays, at the Oval--the central lawn--of the University of Montana. We brought chairs and a picnic dinner and made an evening of it. I was not familiar with the story line, which made it a little more difficult to follow, but it was well done.

The kids were lost most of the time, but they always enjoy the atmosphere, and I love for them to be exposed to live theater like that. After the play was over, Tano wanted to see the swords, so we found one of the actors and he was very kind, letting the boy handle a very sharp saber and its sheath. Elli wanted to get the autograph of the female lead, and the young woman was very sweet about it.

All in all, it was a really pleasant evening. What a great field trip for school!

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Mister Ed T said...

A great part of their ed-u-macation I'm sure!