Friday, September 12, 2008

Mini Co-Op Day

Two of my very dear friends, Nance and Jen, and I have joined forces for Friday afternoons at Nance's house. Between us, we have eight students--one fourteen-year old, one thirteen-year old, one twelve-year old, two eleven-year olds, one ten-year old and two eight year-olds. Jen also has a very little guy, but he is more interested in playing with the dogs and the cat outside, than sitting in on class sessions.

I am teaching Shakespeare for the first segment. We started today with an introduction to reading old English in play format, some old vocabulary, and the basic plot and characters of Romeo and Juliet, the first play we will tackle together. It was so fun. I am really looking forward to digging into the play next Friday, and the kids all seem to be into it, too.

After Shakespeare, Nance is teaching art. Today, she had the kids drawing, trying out different art pencils to see what they could push them to do, and attempting some basic shapes with light and shadow. The kids had such a great time experimenting with various techniques.

After our Shakespeare and art classes, we all drove off to the church for choir practice, which also started today and will take place every Friday afternoon until the three performances in December. This is a community choir for kids from third through eighth grades, and it has a reputation for excellence. The director is very experienced and really brings some amazing talent out in the kids, a rag-tag group of about forty young voices from our little farming and ranching community. It's Elli's first year and she is SOOOO EXCITED. Tano is not interested in singing, but loves to be part of big productions, so he is an assistant to the director, helping out with whatever she needs.

It was a really great day. I think we will look forward to Friday afternoons.

Here is a photo of my Shakespeare class, taken last Friday on our field trip to The Route of the Hiawatha. They are a really great group of kids.

More photos of the bike trip are posted here.

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