Thursday, September 18, 2008

Squinting Sideways

Mind you, our house is only half-finished. The original small ranch house is there, but the new addition with its tall roof line and the new garage beyond that are only roughed in--plywood for siding and roofing. However, if you squint your eyes sideways just right, you can almost imagine it is finished, as the plywood is nearly the same color as the wood siding on the original structure. You get a basic idea of what the house is going to look like, at least.

(Yes, I know. Photos are long overdue. I will try to post some soon.)

So my kids and I were driving home from the river late this afternoon. We pulled onto our street and, looking at the house that was, and is, and is to come, Tano said, "Mom, I know this sounds strange, but every time we drive up to the house, I am almost surprised to see how good it looks and I think to myself, 'Wow! If that was my house, I'd be proud to live there.' And then I remember that it IS my house."

We are very patient people, but we are all clearly looking forward to the day that we are finished with all this construction. This house is going to be flippin' sweet.

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