Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kids' Campfire

My kids have been asking me for four years to let them have their own campfire up on the ridge behind the house. For four years, I have been refusing their requests.

But tonight I relented.

After dinner, they packed some supplies and provisions in a day pack and headed outside together. They were ready for adventure, and they were seeking it together. This has been an unforeseen side effect of the home education process--they are actually starting to enjoy spending time together again. They are each others' closest friends. I smiled as I listened to them scurrying around the house, packing for an evening in the woods.
After an hour and a half or so, the boy came bursting into the house. He wanted me to come and see what they had done up on the ridge. I was still full from too much dinner and in need of a good walk, so I followed him up the hill.

They had dug a real fire pit, a very nice one with a stout ring of bricks around the perimeter and rustic benches made from scrap lumber and cinder blocks they had found. All it lacked was a fire.

They pleaded their case with their eyes.

Much to their surprise, I gave in. For a brief moment, they were speechless, then the girl ran recklessly back down the steep hill toward the house for matches while the boy began to scour the hillside for firewood. By the time the girl returned, huffing and puffing, the boy was ready to strike the match. Within seconds, a small fire crackled and popped in the little ring on the ridge. I thought the kids might burst with pleasure.

I wanted to get a camera to document the sweet little scene, so when the kids asked for marshmallows, I agreed to that, too. I could get them and the camera in the same trip.

Here they are, enjoying the fruits of their labor (and their persistence), as the sun goes down behind the mountains and darkness falls.


AmberJ said...

Complete with ring-side benches and everything! Very cool kids!

Mister Ed T said...

Awesome firepit. Wish I was there! Good joy kids. (and mom)

strider1971 said...

sounds like fun. wish I could have been there. i love camp fires. they are fun and the only hthing more fun about them is the ghost stories and singing cool songs.

Team Sponski said...

What a gift you are giving your kids! This is a one of many precious memories to come for them. I was thinking this summer how cool it is to see my kids building memories and friendship together. These times will carry them well into their adult years...and through all the fights and arguments in between (LOL)!!