Friday, September 12, 2008

The Hiawatha

Here are the photos from our bike ride on The Route of the Hiawatha, last Friday. Being friends with other home school families has its benefits for sure, as we can all decide to rearrange our school schedules to do something extremely cool like this when it is not crowded.

I didn't have my own camera, so many of the images I wanted to capture and bring home will only ever exist in my own mind. But here are a few photos to give you a basic idea of what our experience was like. Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them, then look in the background, as you can spot other traces of the trail and trestle bridges nestled into the forest. If you can see it, we rode it. The bridges had such spectacular views that we frequently got off our bikes for a bit to look around. You can get a good idea of the size of the tunnels from the photo of Tano and his friend, Liam, climbing up the sides. That's Tano in the bright blue shirt on the right. The last two photos show our gang enjoying a hard-earned dinner at the end of the day. We were so tired and cold and damp, and Nance's pot of soup was still warm! Our table for twelve featured some of the best scenery and camaraderie one could ever ask for.

I still need to write more about the deeply spiritual experience of riding my bicycle through the tunnels, in the most intense darkness I've ever seen--or not seen.


Mister Ed T said...

Thanks for the awesome pics.Was it scarry crossing those tressels?

Sherry C said...

It was a little scary on the first one, but you get used to it fairly quickly. The tunnels were scarier than the bridges.

alison said...

I love the picture of just the three of you. Bummed that we missed it.

Next time.

Eagle-eye Di said...

Love the pictures.Thanks for posting them.