Sunday, September 14, 2008

Four Wheeling

Andy and I had a wonderful opportunity this afternoon. Nance took us four-wheeling. She has two quads and she invited us and another friend to pair up and ride up into the Sapphire Range, the bit of Rocky Mountains that hem in the east side of our valley.

Andy and I were on one machine together with the other two women on the other. We rode eighteen miles up to the top of the Sapphires, wandered around a bit enjoying the spectacular view, the brilliant blue skies, and the balmy temperature, then rode the eighteen miles back down.

It was beautiful.

It was truly beautiful.

It was stunningly beautiful.

And nearly the entire time, I was snuggled close up against my husband with my arms around him.

Such a pleasant afternoon.

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Mister Ed T said...

What fun! Colleen and I had the privilege of doing that about 4 years ago, almost to the day.