Thursday, September 04, 2008

Feeling for Cindy

So what's it like to be John McCain's wife? His years as a POW pretty much trumps anything she might ever have to complain about. Can she ever say normal little things like:

"Oh, gee, honey, no wonder I'm so hungry--it's after two o'clock and we haven't had any lunch yet!"

"Sweetie, I hate to be a pest, but are you going to be able to put up that picture I've been asking about? The room just looks so dreary without it."

"I sure hope that contractor can finish up the bathroom this week! I'm so tired of waiting for him--and in the mean time, our house looks like a war zone!"


Team Sponski said...

Loved the little video bio they did on her. She seems to have a bit more life experience and heart than I expected.

I was so nervous last night...and pleasantly surprised.

Eagle-eye Di said...

What am I missing here? I take it you don't like John McCain's wife.

Sherry C said...

Auntie D--I didn't mean at all that I didn't like her. I was just cracking a joke (or trying to, at least) about how unusual it must be to be married to a former Prisoner of War. The little things that bother us women in life, like being two hours late for a meal, or the inconvenience of not having some repairs done around the house must seem so silly and insignificant to someone who has had to fight for his very survival.

That's all I meant to say.