Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dirt Sledding

The back side of our hill is steep. Really. It is steep enough that our dogs have trouble getting up and down it. If there were a word beyond steep, I would use that one instead, but I can't think of one.

When a hill is steep enough and the soil sandy and dry enough, the conditions are perfect for dirt sledding. And that is precisely what my kids were doing today--dirt sledding--apparently training for some sort of Redneck X-Games. I walked up the hill to visit them and my son wanted to show me how fast the hill was today. He jumped onto his knees in one of the sleds--the classic blue plastic two-man model with the two sets of yellow plastic handles--and boy and sled rocketed downward.

I think I mentioned that the hill was steep. Did I mention yet that the hillside is also wooded, as in adorned with large, old-growth Ponderosa Pine trees?

The good news is that the boy, aside from a few bruises, will be just fine.

The sled, however, didn't survive the impact. What's left of it is now in the trash can.

Perhaps we need to learn a little about bailing out of an errant sled, rather than staying in it as it veers off course and heads straight for a massive tree trunk at full speed. It was not a pretty sight to watch from the top of the hill.


K Murphy J said...

Especially as it was preceded with "Watch this." Really? Was that what you wanted to show me? I'm so glad all he got were a few bruises.

Mister Ed T said...

Glad Tano is OK! But my heart bleads for the poor sled. Maybe you need a class on gravity, inertia, and excelleration. But then some day Tano may be the famous father of the "Red-Neck Olympics." I'm sure there'd be no lack of cretive events or willing participants.

Eagle-eye Di said...

A couple of days ago RuthAnn took out her winter plastic tobaggon and proceeded to try dirt sledding with her neighbor friends.It was rather interesting to watch.I tried to push her and it didn't go far.My first thought was to stop her because it is a snow sled not a dirt sled but I also realized oh well so we need to replace a sled for the winter.What fun they all had.

strider1971 said...

sounds like fun i have never heard of dirt sleding but then again there probably is a lot i have never heard of.