Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day Two

Today was a little easier...sort of.

I didn't stand in my cave for as many hours, but I did make some crucial mistakes that added a bit of stress.

Based on my day's experience, I have two bits of advice for you:

1. Check and double check the meat you have thawed to make sure it is the right thing for the dish you are planning to make, and do this well ahead of the time that you intend to prepare the meal. Pulling out the wrong frosty package in a sleepy stupor can be costly. Defrosting five pounds of chicken that is rock hard from being in the deep freeze takes a VERY long time--time you can't spare when the meal is timed to fit into a schedule.

2. You probably already knew this and will laugh at me, but you cannot roast chicken on a flat pan with no rim around it. The juices from the meat, as well as any sauces you may have added, just roll right off the pan into the bottom of the oven, causing enough smoke for the fire department to come running. Trust me on this one.

Today's tasty items included:

- Spicy Roasted Chicken Legs, compliments of The Pioneer Woman Cooks

- My most favoritest baked beans, the kind with several different kinds of beans, bacon, onion, diced green chiles and lots of flavor.

- A bowl of sliced fresh nectarines with mixed berries.

- JalapeƱo Cheese Bread

There were several other things that were good, too, but these were the highlights, in my opinion.

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