Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Young Lives Camp at Miracle Ranch, Day One

So you can get an idea of what camp looks like for teen moms and babies, here is the first in a series of videos that were shown to my team of Nannies each day to recap the previous day's events. I myself did not have a camera for the week, so these images were compiled from various people's memory cards, collected at the end of each day. Many thanks to those who contributed photos. I will try to post all five videos over the next several days.

Most of this first video is of the Nannies welcoming the moms and babies to camp. Once they'd all arrived, with moms tired and little ones needing to get some wiggles out, we all enjoyed some time on the lawn together. There's even a photo of me in this one--the only one in the series of videos, I think.


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Mister Ed T said...

Thanks for being "Jesus with skin on" for these kids and their kids.