Thursday, August 28, 2008


Caught another mouse downstairs.

The rodent problem, although it has not featured prominently here on the blog, has been an ongoing saga. Twice now, TWICE, I have been scampered upon as I lay sleeping in bed. After the second occurrence,I actually slept upstairs on the couch for several nights in a row. I was a little freaked out; the mouse had run up onto my shoulder and under my chin before I was able to react.

I have been back in my own bed and sleeping remarkably well, all things considered, for the last few nights. We have neither heard nor seen any tell-tale signs of the little critters during that time. I wouldn't yet say we are rodent-free, but three days without any indication of their presence is a good start.

On a related note, I love that my children are getting older. This morning, I offered my son a chip (did I ever write about our earnings/media usage chip system?) to dispose of the mouse for me. He couldn't believe his good fortune. A chip for something that took all of two minutes? Score. I could have done it myself if I'd had to, but I just like that I didn't have to.


alison said...

Baby, I just paid Christopher 2 chips to unload the dishwasher. Originally I priced it at 1 chip, but the market wouldn't bear it. Paul raised it to 2. I asked him not to do that EVER again as the economy always swings back.

alison said...

I will always worship you for introducing us to the chip system.

Mister Ed T said...

Sounds interesting. This system is news to me. Tell me nore!Check out the riddle on my blog.

K Murphy J said...

lol~ The chip system might be helpful between Eric and I. I don't think you can ever be too old for constructive self-discipline.