Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home and Recovering

I returned home late Saturday night/early Sunday morning and have been in recovery mode ever since. Sunday, I tried to recover the sleep I'd lost. Monday, I tried to recover my house. Today, I am awake and functioning.

The stories will hopefully follow, bit by bit, but here is a partial list of highlights from the ten days I was gone (I left a few days early because two of my local women were going early to visit family before camp began and I needed to arrive at least a day early anyway):

- riding the ferry from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island (where Nance's brother lives) under gorgeous blue skies

- touring Nance's brother's bonsai gardens and the world renowned bonsai park/garden nearby, owned by a friend of his, who gave us a private tour

- sea kayaking with Nance in the silent moonlight on a glassy inlet of Puget Sound, admiring the twinkling lights of the Seattle skyline across the water

- sleeping on Nance's brother's forty foot sailboat, just three of us women, rocking gently in the marina

- sailing the big boat across Puget Sound and back, the three of us and her brother, on a perfect, blue-skied and breezy Saturday morning

(lots of highlights those first two days, before I headed off to camp earlier than the Nannies as part of the leadership team)

- the ceremonial cleansing of the baby gear (aka the torrential downpour that struck just as we had unloaded a huge moving truck filled with enough baby gear--high chairs, pack-n-plays, bouncy seats, saucers, toys, blankets, etc.--for one hundred babies into a parking lot to clean and sanitize them all)

- the long and lonely task of cleaning seventy high chairs, all by myself

- the wildly enthusiastic welcoming of teen moms and their babies from all over the Pac NW

- the realization that the quick little videos I was supposed to edit for the Nannies to see each day was not going to happen due to technology difficulties

- the realization that I would need to, instead, create very time-consuming videos of still photo slide shows--and that they would have to be done in the middle of the night--every night of camp, from approximately 12-3 AM (long story, little sleep)

- the truly miraculous strength and endurance God provided me in the face of my extreme sleep deprivation

- the understanding, time and time again, that what we see as glitches or even crises are really just part of God's overall plan, and that we should shut up and trust

- taking the opportunity, when presented with a small break in my busy schedule, to grab a canoe and paddle around the pretty lake, alone

- the softening of these jaded teen moms over the course of the week, as being barraged on all sides by love began to break down the immense walls they have constructed

- the babies

- the excellent team of Nannies that I was privileged to manage and care for

- learning to lead by example and serve, and serve and serve some more, leaning heavily on God without any personal glory in return

- jumping off the dock and into the lake, fully clothed, with Nance after a particularly long and hot afternoon, knowing that I had a nice dress to change into afterward for the evening's banquet

- realizing in the shower, after jumping into the lake fully clothed, that I had failed to bring any clean undergarments with me to go with the dress--they were all back at the hotel across town where I was staying in the overflow housing, and there was no time to go back

- a twenty minute nap one pleasant afternoon on a lovely grassy lawn

- a surprise private feast of mocha chip ice cream with crumbled Heath toffee and lots of hot fudge--exactly what I was craving but never, ever, in my wildest dreams, expected to get

I'm sure there were more highlights, but typing that last bit about the ice cream has me all distracted now. More later.


CML_Shearings said...

Praise God, our prayers were answered! I returned Sunday p.m. from a family wedding in Red Lodge, MT. & found several large zucchini & other types of squash. Our apricots are also ripe. Would you like some of either one?

Mister Ed T said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to hearng more.

K Murphy J said...

Wow!!! :)