Friday, August 01, 2008

Creamery Picnic 2008

It's time for Creamery Picnic again, friends and neighbors. In case you are new here and don't know what Creamery Picnic is, you can read up on it quickly here.

Tonight was the Kiddie Parade, and Tano and Elli still love to be a part of this tradition. The theme this year is Churnin' Up Fun, and since we don't have a butter churn to spare around the place, the kids had to get creative with the general concepts of dairy products and fun. The girl's focus was mainly on the dairy aspect--with a little craziness added in for good measure; the boy simply tried to epitomize fun.

Elli learned how to do papier mache this week in her quest for dairy fun; she created (mostly by herself) a huge ice cream cone from a sheet of poster board and two balloons. Tano put together a crazy ensemble of bright colors and bounced his pogo stick all the way down Main Street.

Though neither one won a ribbon this year, both were quite popular with the crowd of spectators. Enjoy the photos.

You might have noted the brash coloring of my son's hair. Lacking any better options, we dyed and gelled his hair with raspberry flavored Jello, made with only half the liquid for extra intensity. It was messy and drippy and awkward to apply, but after a quick bike ride in the hot sun, it dried to a bright, shimmery crispness that photos just can't fully convey. Once dried, it was not sticky or smelly, as we'd feared, and it washed right out in the shower tonight without a trace of color left on his hair or scalp. Amazing. A good option for the fair-haired kid who wants a bit of temporary color, but next time, I'd wear rubber gloves for the application process.

Tomorrow is the main event--the Grand Parade, the Montana State BBQ Championships, the traditional eating of the ice cream and other miscellaneous festivities all afternoon and evening. We are excited. Creamery Picnic is the highlight of sleepy little Stevensville's social calendar.


K Murphy J said...

I'm so impressed by Elli's mad paper mache skills!!! Nicely done, Elli, nicely done. :)

Sherry C said...

K--Elli thanks you.

BTW, I thought it might be worth noting that Tano's hair was done with the sugar-free variety of Jello products. We happened to have it in the house and I thought it might be less sticky.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I just happened to notice that this is my 1000th post to this blog. One thousand posts! Don't I get a cake or something for that?

Jeannie said...

Maybe Elli could make you a paper mache cake.

Tano's hair...I knew he was meant to be a redhead -- maybe strawberryblond flavor next time.

Elli's hair...Someday she will most likely be a brunette like her mom, so this was somewhat of a preview. All that thick curl...unlike her mom! Did she get a perm?

Sheila said...

Hey Sherry - if you go get on facebook, I'll send you a congratulatory cake! (Or a sunshine winnie the pooh - you never can tell) It's fun and I've found old friends from Biola and reconnected.
Love the jello hair - my high school students used to do that.