Friday, August 22, 2008

Almost Ready

The one available bookshelf (remember, we haven't actually moved back into our own home yet) has been reorganized to hold a wide selection of classic fiction, reference books, history books, science books, books of poetry and art and songs and any other books that might be useful for this fall's inaugural attempt at home education.

We went to town Wednesday night and bought paper and shiny new pencils, glue sticks and pocket portfolios, dry erase markers and highlighters, portable hanging file crates, sketch pads and student planners.

I got online last night, ordered a few books and downloaded an entire math curriculum.

As a family, we have decided to save Latin for next year (provided we all pass our one-year trial period) and instead focus on conversational Spanish this year.

We have selected handwriting materials and are ready to order them.

The kids' individual free-reading lists are posted next to the bookshelf.

They have each carefully wrapped their nature study journals in silver duct tape to protect them from the elements.

Friends and neighbors, we are almost ready to go. The excitement is building.

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