Friday, July 11, 2008


The kids and Dad C. and I took off for Portalnd/Vancouver Wednesday morning. Andy's brother, Tom, and his family are moving this weekend and we are here to help them move, as well as sneak in as much visiting with my family and a friend or two as possible.

It is good to be here.

Wednesday night, my brother and new sis-in-law came over to my folks' house for dinner, games, a walk, and general silliness and fun--always welcome. Thursday, Dad C. went on to Vancouver and the kids and I stayed here at my parents' house all day. We relaxed, watched a movie and played all afternoon in the gracious neighbors' lovely swimming pool--very nice all around. Today, Friday, I had a nice breakfast with my friend, Karen, aka KMJ, and then we took the kids to play in the fountain at Esther Short Park for a bit of wet nostalgic fun. Later in the day, we began moving T & K's stuff to their new place (just a few houses down from their old place) and will continue tomorrow. Elli and I also made it over to see "Miss Pam," the woman who cut my hair for nearly a decade before we moved. I do miss her scissor skills. She hadn't seen Elli since she was four years old and about passed out when this tall child walked into the shop next to me. We had fun catching up. I hope to see a couple more friends before we have to take off for home on Tuesday.

Too tired to think more tonight. Must sleep now.



Mister Ed T said...

Enjoy! Say "Hi" to Jim and Patti!

K Murphy J said...

It was SOOOOO GREATTTT to see you and talk to you yesterday. :))) You are a gentle breeze of joy and encouragement in my life. TTYL

Sheila said...

Wow - KMJ! Does she still blog?