Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Part Three, and Still More Gardening

Speed Booth Report:

I'm three for three--two more free tickets for next week. I think the ladies who work the information booth are on to me; they smiled briefly and then glanced at each other when they saw me coming to claim my prize.

Osprey Report:

The 'Sprey had a single shot homerun and a grand slam in the very first inning to jump out to a 5-0 lead. In the fifth inning, they hit two triples. In the sixth, the first baseman made a spectacular catch, landing fully in the splits and hopping back up without injuring himself. Another homerun was hit in the seventh. And yet, I have still never seen this team win a game. Ever. Our spirits were dampened further by the rain that fell on and off throughout the evening.

However, I will continue to ride my own personal winning streak out until I run out of free tickets.


On the homefront, I put a bird bath out in Grandma's Garden today and surrounded it with quite a few more plants. I liked how the dahlias looked surrounding the main bird bath, so I ran over to Nance's and picked up a few more to do the same with this other bird bath. I like how it seems like the dahlias are peeking over the rim to admire their reflections in the surface of the water.

I also took a huge metal wash tub, the kind you might use for washing a big dog, and turned it into a planter. I crammed so many different plants into it, like a ten inch color bowl, only a heck of a lot bigger. It looks spectacular. Unfortunately, though, I forgot to move it to where I wanted it before loading it with dirt and plants. It was a little heavy. We had to pick it up and move it with the skid steer.

Finally, I rescued a couple of large timbers, maybe railroad ties, manuevered them in between a pair of big pine trees, and filled the resulting rectangle with dirt, making a pretty little raised bed for some part-shade plants. I hope they do well there.

At one point today, I wandered over to Georgia's with an extra four-pack of lemon gem marigolds that I didn't need, hoping to trade for something. She was out in her yard working, too, and was willing to wheel and deal. We were like kids with baseball cards, very fun.

I have only a few plants remaining, some sun-lovers in need of another large container. I have my eye on a large bucket of sorts up in storage that may be available. It should only take me an hour or two to put it together tomorrow morning.

I told my family this evening that I had bad news or good news, depending on how they see it--that the gardening madness would be coming to an end, as I am running out of plants and the few scraggly things left in the greenhouse are all either mostly dead or completely dead. It's over. But oh, it has been fun.


Mister Ed T said...

Heartbreaker of a loss! Keep up the throwing arm. Is gardening good "therapy" for it?

Sheila said...

Fun! Give us some pictures!