Sunday, July 20, 2008


What Andy didn't know was that yesterday's work party was to be followed with an actual party party. Forty people showed up (number not intentional, but kind of cool, hey?) for a BBQ pot luck. We had various outdoor games and activities going, including pitching horseshoes in the new regulation size pit I just put in, disc golf, and just general sitting around and enjoying one another. After dessert, we made a camp fire. As it got late, most everyone left except for us and two families that we are good friends with. Between the three families, there were eleven children ages two to thirteen running around the property screaming and laughing and riding bikes and donning costumes and disguises and spying on one another and inventing all sorts of other excellent kid-fun activities. The grown-ups just sat by the fire and relaxed until 11:30ish.

It was a very nice day, from start to finish, and an excellent way to spend a birthday, according to the guest of honor.

Whoosh. My brain is happy to be done trying to keep that event a secret. Just ask yourself this question: How exactly does one plan, invite guests, purchase food, prepare food and set up for a party for forty people--without being detected by the surprisee when he works at home and is about the house almost all the time? Trust me; it's not an easy task.


Jeannie said...

Glad to hear it turned out great!

Mister Ed T said...

Congratulations. You pulled it off! 40 for 40, so cool!

K Murphy J said...

If anyone could pull that off with panache, you could. And probably Andy too. It must run in the family! ;)

Scott Lyons said...

Meme tag - You're It.

(By the way, Tano looks exactly like his dad when he was a boy.)