Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Surprise, Part Two

Ok, NOW my brain can rest.

Tonight was Dad C.'s surprise birthday party. While he and I were plotting and scheming for the last two weeks, planning Andy's party, Andy and I were simultaneously plotting and scheming for his Dad's party.

After a bit of playing both sides like that, I started going crazy, trying to figure out to whom I was talking and what we were talking about and what was safe to say before I ever uttered anything out loud. I had to bite my tongue on several occasions as I started to talk about a party to the wrong person.

But tonight's party was fun. A dozen of Dad's new friends showed up for dinner and dessert and he was so touched to look around the circle and see what wonderful relationships have developed over the past year. His friends have been such a blessing to him as he has gone through so much pain and loss and change, but if you were to ask them, they would speak of what a blessing he has been to them. Mutual blessings--a good thing.

Happy Birthday, Dad C.

We are so glad you're here.

Note: Party menu and recipes to follow soon


AmberJ said...

Two surprise-parties in one week! Whew! Nice job pulling them off.

Oh, and I love the look of your girl in the bird picture. I love that she has that same, sweet, angelic smile in both the cherry pictures and the bird pictures. So sweet!

Dan said...

Well done.

I would suspect that a surprise birthday party for you is going to be in the offing from your two lucky recipients, but at this rate, you'll be looking for it. They'll have to do it six months early/late to make it a complete surprise!

I suppose a six month LATE birthday party would be a better choice than one that wishes you a happy-being-one-year-older party six months before it's supposed to happen.

alison said...

Now that's just showoffy. So you wanted to expend that tiny bit of adrenaline you had left from the last year?

Please, please give yourself a break.

Mister Ed T said...

Time to rest now. Glad to hear that Dad C. is doing well.

alison said...

I'm looking forward to hearing what you served at your back to back surprise parties. Paul's brother and his family (legion) are coming into town, so I've got my nose buried in cookbooks trying to make some plans.