Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Startling Wake-Up Call

We have a problem with spiders and rodents in the basement right now, with the roof and rafters exposed and the basement only partially finished. With no baseboards up yet, all sorts of little critters have been able to help themselves to our home.

We caught a mouse in our bedroom last week, but have been afraid that he may have friends and neighbors who would also come a-calling. We have heard snippets of what might be scuttling little feet in the night now and then. This does not help me sleep well.

It was sometime around five o'clock this morning when I felt a mouse climb through my hair and over my head.


How do you spell a complete heebie-jeebie body shudder?


Anonymous said...


alison said...

I'm twitching sympathetically from Michigan.

That is no way to wake up.

Sheila said...

That is BY FAR the worst blog story I've ever read.

paul said...


Any recent pictures of the ongoing remodel?

AmberJ said...


Something like that...

Anonymous said...

Break out the traps! We've got 'em all over our garage. The boys get great pleasure in loading them up and chucking the carcasses out in the fields, only to watch the hawks swoop down and snag 'em. Kind of makes us feel like we're doing our part to help out Mother Nature. We feed the hawks, she delivers us much less snow than last winter. :-) We hope. Good luck! Laura

Sherry C said...

Yes, Laura, we have traps in place. Our mice are very smart, though. They can scrape peanut butter off a trap without springing it, even when the trap is so sensitive that we can't even carefully move it without setting it off. We have resorted to setting out poison, in addition to the traps.