Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spinning on the Unspectacular

The "Unspectacular Quirks" meme has been floating around the blogging world for a bit now. It has been fun to read of the unsung uniqueness of each of you who have participated.

I have been spinning on the whole idea of the unspectacular lately. I think we are all, by nature, glory-seekers. The things no one sees, the everyday ordinary things, the unspectacular things that attract no attention are often deemed less important. But are they?

If a person faithfully makes nutritious meals for the family, day in and day out, even if they are not anything flashy or gourmet, is that unspectacular?

If a person earns an income and always pays the bills on time, is that unremarkable?

If a person regularly takes the time to pray for the needs of others, is there nothing amazing about it?

If a person consistently shows love to both family and friends, is it not noteworthy--striking, even?

Now winning a game of miniature golf, or throwing a fun party, or writing a clever narrative, or taking a good photograph; those are things that are impressive, right? Those are the things that make a person get noticed, gain accolades. Those are the important things in life, right?

I think I have it all backwards. To live a life of quiet faithfulness that brings God glory, now that is something spectacular.

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