Thursday, July 24, 2008

Party Food

I tried a couple of new recipes for Dad C.'s party last night.

This cake was a huge hit. I made it in my super-cool sunflower Flexipan mold, inverted it onto a pretty glass cake stand, and dusted it with a little powdered sugar, then served it up with Tillamook French Vanilla ice cream. I gave out three copies of the recipe by the end of the evening. It is always fun to make things in that cool pan, because they invariably come out looking spectacular, even if they are just simple recipes, like this one. That one Flexipan is easily my favorite kitchen item.

Incidentally, three women at the party were so taken with the cake that they wanted to see the pan and hear all about the wonders of the DeMarle Flexipan molds. I repeated back as much as I could remember from the associate at the party where I bought it, and raved about how I like it. Within minutes, the women were all asking if I would host a party so that they could buy some of the products. I never host parties like these, but I will make an exception this time, if I already have women lining up to spend their money on this stuff. It's expensive stuff, and I would love to score some free product out of the deal.

Another popular item at Dad's party was this potato salad. It had a refreshingly different flavor than your typical mustard-based potato salad and was very well-received.

The guests at both parties enjoyed my berry lemonade, which is so incredibly simple to make, but dresses up a party and adds a special festive touch. I just take a can of cheapo frozen lemonade concentrate, one can of ice and water and a handful of frozen mixed berries (blackberries, raspberries and blueberries) and mix it all in the blender, then add more cold water to make two quarts, stir it up and my, oh my, is that tasty. I also do this with strawberries, with equally yummy results. Sometimes the berries need a little bit of sugar, but I personally like my lemonade tart.

Dad C.'s party also included baked beans and a big fruit salad to accompany the burgers on the grill. The burgers, of course were served with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms, and bacon, in addition to all the standard condiments.

Easy food, done well. That's what I like to do at a party.

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K Murphy J said...

Excellent! That flexipan looks really fun. :)))