Friday, July 18, 2008

Of Birthdays and Celebrations

My son posed an interesting question to his sister and me this evening. I think it came out of a Highlights magazine. Here is what he asked:

If your birthday became a national holiday, how would it be celebrated?

After some thought, I decided that the traditional way for people to celebrate my birthday would be to sleep in, then go for a pretty hike, then go out for ice cream, and finally wind up the evening by reading aloud with the family in the living room.

Tano's and Elli's ideas also included sleeping in and eating ice cream, as well as other favorite activities. Elli decided that her celebration should last an entire week, more along the lines of Hanukkah.

So what about you? How would your birthday best be celebrated?

Tomorrow is my dear husband's birthday. It's a big one. I won't specify which one, but it involves the completion of the same number of decades as the number of wheels on a quad runner.

How can I celebrate his birthday? By arranging for a crew of volunteers to come and help with the house project tomorrow. I knew it would be exciting to him, as we are absolutely overwhelmed with huge projects right now.

Happy birthday--here's your hammer. Sad, but true.

I love that man. I will try with all my might to make the work day fun, too.


Mister Ed T said...

Sleeping in and having ice cream (for a week) sounds good to me. In Andy's case you should have the ice cream with him down by the river in honor of him being "over the hill!"

K Murphy J said...

Hammer-shaped b-day cake for Andy? (Which reminds me of the hammer ornaments you gave out for Christmas one year. I loved those!)

strider1971 said...

well not sure as to how it would be celebrated but my birthday kind of lands on a national holiday lol. anyway hope that you and Andy have loads of fun and it is one he'll never forget.

alison said...

Sleeping in - yes.

Pretty hike - I would compromise with a walk, definitely pretty.

Ice Cream - certainly and I would be SURE to tell you what flavor. (ahem)

Reading aloud - I would probably prefer to hole up on my bed and read alone WITHOUT GUILT.

I would also suggest going out for breakfast or breakfast in bed, since I'm not picky.

And time at Lake Michigan is also an excellent choice.