Saturday, July 26, 2008

No Surprises Here

Yesterday was Nance's birthday. I warned her that I was completely partied out and wouldn't be surprising her with any extras, but was happy to join her for whatever she wanted to do for the day.

She wanted to tube the river--her favorite summer activity--and now that it has finally begun to recede, it looked like it would be possible. It was. Five of us women put in at about two o'clock in the afternoon. The river was absolutely perfect. The water temperature is still quite cool, but it was very pleasant because the air temperature was so hot--nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit. There were several scary looking log jams, but we only had to portage once to avoid them; the rest of the time we were able to dodge around. We were in the river for almost four hours. So nice.

After we got out of the water, we cleaned up and went out to dinner, then on to Qwivals for eighteen holes of miniature golf. There was some trash-talking, of course, on the mini-golf course, most of it coming from the birthday girl herself, but in the end I managed to pull off a one stroke win. The competition was fierce for a group of women ranging from their early thirties to mid-sixties in age. The whole scene was fairly comical.

It was a really fun day. Not that you ever read this, Nance (dial-up and all), but happy birthday.

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