Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gardening Report

I abandoned the second wash tub idea and just tucked my remaining plants into Grandma's garden. One part of the garden wasn't doing well anyway, so I yanked a few dead or dying plants out, dug up the soil a bit more, and loaded another eight inches of good dirt into that area before putting more plants in there. It took a few hours, but it looks really nice.

I spent another couple of hours cleaning up the yard. Between the bits of yard sale debris still hanging around, and the wreckage of empty plastic pots and flats and little white tags and garden tools, the place was a mess. Once I had the yard back to (or at least much closer to) its basic construction site glory, I moved a pretty wooden bench up close to the bird bath in the shade of the crooked pine tree. I took a late lunch there on the bench and thoroughly enjoyed gazing around the yard at the various new groupings of flowers here and there. I found it was also a lovely spot to sit and read.

During dinner tonight, several birds came and enjoyed the bird bath tremendously, taking unusually long and luxurious baths. We are wondering if they feel more secure there now, somehow, because of the ring of flowers around the rim, like a little shower curtain almost. When we noticed the birds splashing away, each member of the family actually turned and thanked me for all the effort I had put into making such a beautiful little scene out there. It was really nice and made my hard work feel so worthwhile.

I find myself just wandering the yard, several times each day and evening, just to gaze at all the flowers from different angles, in different light. They are such eye candy, so soothing to the soul.

I'd never been much of a flower gardener before this summer, but I do think I am completely hooked now. I think I would spend all day every day out there doing various gardening and landscaping tasks, if I could. After already wearing out my old, trusty gardening gloves, I've now nearly worn out my brand new back-up pair.

It sure beats the heck out of housework.


Jeannie said...

It (the flower gardening and admiring) sounds yummy to me too! I'd love to be there with you, sharing some of that eye-candy with you!

alison said...

Completely understand.

Sooooo happy for you. Now you get my itching fingers.

Mister Ed T said...

Glad you can enjoy it!

Housework? Lets see, maybe you could do some indoor plants.