Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fun Food

I made a few fun treats yesterday, all ideas from a kids' crafts website I found on Sheila's blog. I am not generally one for creative treats like this, but I had the energy for it, so I did it.

The first thing I made was so simple, but was a huge hit at the church picnic. I took shish kabob sticks and stacked alternating red and green grapes on them, then froze them overnight. Frozen grapes are always a refreshing summer treat, but on a stick like a popsicle, they were were attractive and fun to eat, popular with both kids and adults. So easy.

Second, I made frozen necklaces to keep kids cool. The website instructions showed fancy, star-shaped ice cube trays and brightly colored flower petals, but I subbed out for simple ice cube trays with grapes. I laid a piece of string through four sections of an ice cube tray, set a grape on top of the string in each section, then filled the trays with water as usual. I tied the ends of each length of string together and then froze them overnight. The result was a necklace adorned with grapes encased in ice that melted gradually, making kids run around shrieking with delight at the cold, ice water dripping harmlessly onto their clothes and bare feet as they sucked on the ice to get to the grapes. It was good, clean fun and the kids at the picnic (the lucky few that got one--I only made eight) absolutely loved it.

Finally, I tried the layered red, white and blue drink that had caught Sheila's eye. I did it at home just for my family before the picnic, as I was not about to make individual glasses of punch for that many people. Basically, just as in mixed cocktail drinks, the heavier liquids sink to the bottom, so as long as you know the density of your liquids, you can layer things attractively. As recommended, I started with a small amount of cranberry juice, then added ice. Next, I poured a generous amount of blue Gatorade into the glass, being careful to pour it directly onto the ice cubes so that it didn't splash and blend with the cranberry juice below. Finally, I added a bit more ice and repeated the process with Diet 7Up, the lightest of the three because it contains no sugar. The result was a very cool layered drink that the kids and their friends (Leif and Liam were still here) thought was ingenious.


Anonymous said...

Wait a cotton pickin' minute. Something is wrong with this picture! YOU were doing crafts?! Did you get too much sun or what? Is this still the same woman who joined me at the MOMS retreats in racing to see who could stamp the most cards in record time, paying no heed as to how they looked on the card (frustrating our friend Jackie all the while)? That same woman who proudly stood beside me on craft dray and let the whole church know that they could join us at the "doing nothing" table, because crafts were just not our cup 'o tea? Next thing you know, you'll be, gulp, scrapbooking! Congrats on your successful tiptoe through the world of crafts. I'm going to finish picking my jaw up off the floor now... :-) Laura

Sherry C said...

I know, Laura, I know. But these were not technically "crafts" per se; these were creative edibles.

Edible makes all the difference, my friend.

Hope your jaw is ok.

Sheila said...

We did the drink thing too :) Sally loved it. Isn't that website so much fun? I love that the ideas use stuff I already have, and most stuff takes about 5 minutes or less. I'm going to have to try those necklaces - that would be great in the pool.