Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fudgey the Fish, or Otter Pup

The river has receded slightly over the last week, slowing its current enough that the brave can enter the water and making room for a small shoreline to stand upon.

Enter two big goofy dogs that, between them, make one complete water-loving Labrador Retriever.

Oh, they are so happy to load up into the truck to go down to the river's edge. Their tails look like they might just shake themselves loose from their bodies as they ride along, noses in the wind. Once there, they run down to the water's edge and search for sticks, never seeming to tire of diving into the cold water to chase them into the current.

Fudgey, who is clearly Dog #2 on land, far too barrel-shaped and stubby-legged to keep up with Drake when chasing a pine cone in the yard, is surprisingly agile in the water. He looks like a sleek brown otter out there, effortlessly out-swimming the big dog, who huffs and puffs with exertion, trying desperately not to be beaten by The Kid. When Drake can't get the stick, which is most of the time, he has to resort to basic bullying tactics--he simply steals the stick away from Fudge once they reach the shore and delivers it to the thrower's feet himself, proudly, as if he is somehow victorious.

But everyone knows; Fudgey Pup is the superior swimmer. Perhaps it's because he is just so very buoyant.


Jeannie said...

THis makes me smile. (So did your visit.)

Love you, too!

alison said...

FUDGEY! OK, "sleek brown otter" made me laugh, knowing what a fat one he'd make.

Oh how I miss him.

Mister Ed T said...

Have fun! Do you get a "free shower" out of it now and then?

CML_Shearings said...

I enjoy the variety of your posts & how I can so easily picture what you are seeing from your descriptions when a photo is not attached. Glad you had a great family visit.