Monday, July 28, 2008

Cell Phone Photography

Tano had a great time on his first High Trails expedition--the backpacking trip he had been preparing for. It was strenuous and fun, as well as spiritually challenging and personally refreshing. He would like to do it again next year.

Here is the group upon their return, Sunday night. Andy's bag of popsicles was a big hit with the weary group. I only wish these images were higher resolution, so you could see how incredibly grimy these kids were. We wanted to strap the boy to the roof rack to get him home and then deposit him directly into the shower. They were all very dirty and very tired, but also very happy. It was a good trip.

And here is Elli with her friend, Hannah, and their dear toads:


K Murphy J said...

So what is High Trails exactly?

Sherry C said...


High Trails is a ministry of one of the churches here in Stevensville. They have been doing it for nearly twenty-five years and are now seeing second generation kids on their expeditions. Basically, they take a bunch of kids and a few brave adults into the wilderness for a serious backpacking trip. There are three age levels: 10-12, 13-15, 16-18, and, of course, the intensity of the hiking increases with each level. Tano has one more year in the Junior level, then he bumps it up a notch with the Intermediates.

Tano's favorite part of this year's trip: One of the nights when everyone else had already climbed into their sleeping bags and passed out, but the four boys and one of the male leaders sat around the fire and talked for most of the night. He was tired the next day, but said it was definitely worth it.

Eagle-eye Di said...

I like the frog kiss.It reminds me of Sarah's frog in their swimming pool that was her and Tano's friend.By the way,she has a new one this season.They have just been swimming in their pool alittle while now.It took alittle repairing and then the filter took some time to begin the process.It is still alittle cloudy but the kids are enjoying.After all what bothers kids anyway.