Friday, July 25, 2008

Amphibious Summer Employment

Nance, Jen and I all had kids going on the backpacking trip which left yesterday. After we saw the kids off, we decided to take our remaing five kids to Bass Creek to play for a bit.

A short but lovely hike brought us to our favorite little beach area on the banks of the creek, where the adults can sit on boulders to chat while the kids play. Soon after arriving there, the three little ones (my Elli and Jen's Hannah and Reuben) each found a toad to play with.

The toads must be paid well to provide amusement to the local children. They were incredibly patient and relaxed as the kids carried them around for two hours. A beautiful little house was made for them from sticks and leaves, complete with a swimming pool in the yard. A fashion show was put on with the toads wrapped up in a variety of leaves arranged in the latest styles. Boats were constructed of big, broad leaves and the toads floated in the creek on them. Toad Stacking competitions were held (just exactly what you might imagine toad stacking to be).

It was a toadally wonderful morning for our youngest kids. I can't necessarily speak for the toads, but they really didn't seem to mind much. When we left, the toads again positioned themselves on sunny rocks, apparently waiting for the next group of hikers with kids to arrive. Ah, summer jobs.

It should also be noted that Elli's toad received multiple kisses, but refused to turn into anything remotely prince-like. It's not in his contract, apparently.

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K Murphy J said...

lol! This is great. Oh well, another prince, another time.