Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yard Sale, Day Two

Although it was a long, hot day and I am very tired, I am not nearly as exhausted as I was last night at this time. The sale did well again, with day two sales coming close to the totals of day one, which is almost unheard of as most of the good stuff always goes on day one. Also, my cold was not as bad today, not nearly as bad, and that was a huge help.

Between the two days, we raised nearly $1700 for the group of us local women who will be going to work at the YoungLives camp for teen moms and their babies in August. Some women don't need any financial assistance for the trip, but for those of us who do, this will be a big help. We are grateful for the many people who donated items to the sale.

When the sale was officially over, around 4 PM today, the job of clean-up began. We had one teenage helper, and that was a blessing, but it was still a huge job in the broiling sun. Every inch of me was dripping puddles of sweat. We could have waited until it cooled off a bit this evening, but I would rather face the heat than this year's mosquitoes. Heavy Spring rains and late snows have made the river run higher than normal and caused a good bit of flooding in the low-lying areas. With us living less than a mile from the river and the prevailing breezes blowing right from the river banks to us, we became completely overrun with skeeters by mid-June this year. It is bad enough that we avoid being outdoors in the evenings--a real pity. Morning would have been the ideal time to clean up from the sale and box up all the leftovers, but tomorrow is church and Monday we expect some thunder showers. Sunday afternoon is expected to be even hotter than today, so this afternoon was the only choice for clean-up, tired as we were.

All we wanted to do was collapse after we finished, but I had a tri-tip roast that needed to be cooked up, so Andy and I got to work on making a big dinner. It was so worth it. That was the best dinner I have had in a very long time, whether at home or away.

Andy did the meat a la Santa Maria Style BBQ on the grill, a huge tradition in his family growing up on California's central coast. Andy's mom, in fact, grew up in Santa Maria specifically, so no family gathering was complete without tri-tip done Santa Maria style (click on the link above for specifics, but there is no BBQ sauce involved at all, it is done with a dry garlic salt and pepper rub, then garnished with fresh salsa). The meat came out absolutely perfect. I am not much of a red meat person, but this tri-tip left me weak in the knees.

I didn't have any pinquito beans or french bread, nearly required side dishes, but I added a green salad, some tender red potatoes with butter and dill, steamed carrots with a little brown sugar, and some crisp green grapes.

It was a most satisfying meal after a long, hard week.

It is nearly nine o'clock now. Dinner is put away and my garden is watered. The sun has set behind the mountains and the air temperature has cooled down, so we've opened up the windows and turned on the fan. The fresh air is swirling through the house, relaxing my weary body.

As soon as I've had a shower, I should be out like a light.


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Mister Ed T said...

You survivrd the "F" word again! (fundraising) Hoave a good night and don'st let the misquitoes bite. And sleef off that cold.