Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Part Two

Speed Booth Report:

I felt generally sluggish tonight--very tired and battling a nasty cold. Even though I had thrown well all week, I didn't think I would be meeting my goal of throwing a 56 or 57 MPH fastball. I just didn't have it in me.

But I had to at least try.

I threw an even 50--worse than last week's 52.

I came back to check on it in the 6th inning and someone in my category had thrown a 51.


I would have to try again. On my second set of throws, I managed to throw a 52. It was everything I had, and I knew I couldn't top it, not tonight.

My competitor did come back to check her time and she would have thrown again, but the bored teenage boy had closed up the booth a half an inning early. My time stood.

Two more free tickets for next week.

Meanwhile, Andy was playing bingo with the numbers flashed upon the scoreboard between innings. The first ten fans with a bingo would win a prize.

Bingo--another pair of tickets for the same game next week. The system is working for us, so far.

Meanwhile the Osprey have fallen to 2-7 with a sloppy loss tonight. Oh, well. At least we are winning.

I think I need to go get some ice and ibuprofen for my elbow, though.



Mister Ed T said...

Take care of that throwin' arm. It's your ticket to the game! Hope you get your rest and get over that cold.

alison said...

Battling exhaustion and sickness you still have it! Next time we get together would you do a throwing clinic? I'm not worried about speed, I just want to be able to hit a big rock. :)