Friday, June 20, 2008

Somebody Please Give Me a Sticker

My kids will do a lot of things for a sticker. School teachers are well aware of the sticker phenomenon, of course, and reward all kinds of good behavior and excellent work with stickers, which kids accumulate on their desks like medals of honor. I remember doing it myself as a kid.

Note to self: If indeed we choose to educate at home next year, I must invest in a good supply of cool stickers.

So last night, I finally gave in to the kids' nightly begging:

"Mama, will you sleep in the tent with us tonight?"

Fine, I thought, I will do it this once and get it over with. We have little camping pads out there, so it shouldn't be that bad, right?


Turns out, the ground has become harder than I remember it being. Much harder. Now I like a firm matress, but...

Between the hard ground, my son getting up to pee outside the tent twice, and his frequent talking in his sleep, there just wasn't much slumbering for my third of the slumber party. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Plus, by sleeping outdoors in the lovely fresh air, I get to now start the day with my allergies (which just started up this week) in full swing, instead of waiting until later in the day, after I've been working outside for a few hours.

So I want a sticker. A cool one.


alison said...

I bet someone else washing the dishes would be cool enough.

Oh if only there WAS a sticker system for mothers...but then there might be a demerit system as well, which would prove embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Sending a sticker your way for "Coolest Mom"...

Allergies have hit here, too. Seems everything has decided to bloom all at once. I've determined I'm allergic for sure to alfalfa -- slightly problematic considering 12 of our 13 acres is covered in it. My symptoms usually get better once it gets cut, which should happen any time now. Until then, I'm just one big drippy, sneezy, itchy mess. I'll think of you everytime I sniff...
Hi to the resident carpenter and the kids from us -- Laura

Mister Ed T said...

How about a "happy camper" sticker?
Check my blog for a news update.