Monday, June 09, 2008

Sappy Sweetness

A few hours before our friends, the H's, were to arrive for their visit, I made a startling discovery in the parking lot of the grocery store. Having completed my shopping, I opened Gracie's trunk to load my purchases in. An overwhelming smell of maple syrup greeted my nose, like a wonderful pancake breakfast gone terribly awry.

My children were with me, poised to help load the groceries in, and we all stood, speechless, motionless, bags frozen in mid-air, while our brains struggled to wrap themselves around what we were seeing--and smelling.

A jumbo-sized plastic jug of syrup, which was being stored temporarily in my car (not worth explaining--just stay with me here) had somehow begun to leak.

And leak.

Nearly a half of a gallon of the sticky goo had spilled into the trunk compartment. Most of it was pooled into a puddle in a low spot on the carpet, but some had spread nicely to coat the underside of a cardboard box and various other items likewise being stored in Gracie's trunk.

It was one of the worst messes I've encountered to date.

But then we snapped back into action. We did not have time to address the mess at that time; guests were arriving soon. We gingerly placed the grocery bags around the sweet spot and into the backseat and drove home.

I didn't open my trunk again for a couple of days, leaving the car to bake in the sunshine. Mmm...warm maple syrup. I thought about the sticky situation several times over the course of the week, but knew the damage was already done. I didn't want to use up precious visiting time on such a large cleaning endeavor.

Plus, I had no idea how I was going to clean it up.

But my guests are gone now. I have to take care of this sweet sorrow before the hot weather comes back.


My kids proposed that we empty out the trunk and load Fudgey and his overactive tongue into there.


Jeannie said...

Oh my! Such silly sweetness to laugh at! Did I say laugh? I meant LAUGH OUT LOUD -- because I can just imagine dear Fudgy just absolutely beside himself with slobbery sweetness for hours on end! (He wouldn't know when to give it up!)

alison said...

It would be a new hobby for the little dude. It would broaden his horizons, not that pointing at pine cones all day isn't a full life.

I miss that plump thing...and his humans, of course.