Monday, June 16, 2008

An open question from someone who is tired and hungry

Do you think it is possible to make dinner for five out of three flour tortillas, a tub of plain yogurt, lettuce, assorted condiments, four slices of provolone cheese, some salsa, and a carton of soy milk--or should I head to the store?

Oh, I forgot to check the freezer: I also have three cans of frozen lemonade concentrate, one popsicle, flax meal and a bag of chopped walnuts. Does that help?


CML_Shearings said...

Esther makes sandwiches all the time using flour tortillas, mayo. & cheese & lettuce. Perhaps the yogurt could substitue for the mayo??? Not sure you have enough tortillas to do this for 5, however.

Sherry C said...

Never fear, dear readers.

I had failed to look in the cupboards at the stash of canned food. There, I found some black beans, some pinto beans, and a can of green chiles. Buried in the back of the freezer, I found a spare pound of ground beef. Throw in an onion, some chili powder, salt and pepper, and all of that salsa, and you have yourself a tasty dish.

The kids scrounged around for fruit and made an impressive fruit salad.

Add in a green salad, and dinner is served.

It was actually a very tasty (and attractive) meal.

But now, I think I'll head to the grocery store. I don't think I can pull another rabbit out of this hat.

alison said...

Starvation is narrowly averted again!

How's the garden?

Anonymous said...

At least you wern't feeding 5000, or 500,or even 50!
Still, a small miracle.
Uncle Ed

Sheila said...

Nicely done.
Buy some chickens and throw them in the freezer. Did I teach you nothing???
(Just kidding. I've had days like that, but thankfully I live a block from the grocery store. Suburbia has it's charms.)