Monday, June 30, 2008

More Gardening Today

Here is the new and improved bird bath area in front of the house. The bird bath has been there for probably thirty years, but it always had just a tiny little ring of rocks around it and never much in the way of flowers, at least none that I can remember. Thanks to my greenhouse friend and about six hours of my sweat labor, it is now a cheery little bright spot in my otherwise dreary yard--yes, we still call it a yard, just not a lawn. Someday grass...someday...but not while we are in the midst of major construction.

Basically the same photo, I know, but one is facing into the setting sun and one is facing away from it. I like how the light on the water changes.

For those of you who are into such details, the flowers are as follows: deco dahlias, zinnias, yellow gem marigolds, gazanias, sandwort, creeping speedwell and blue lobelia.

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Sheila said...

Lovely! I like the different views of the water too.