Thursday, June 19, 2008

More From the Imagination Files

Liam and Tano sat on the front steps of the house with their wooden swords. They were just talking casually until I approached to go inside, but upon seeing me they immediately crossed their swords to block my path and announced with the biggest pre-pubescent voices they could muster, "NONE SHALL PASS!"

I cocked my head in disdain and looked down my nose at the two young guards.

"I'll have you know; I am the queen of this castle and I shall pass if I wish to. If you choose to harrass me, then the king shall likely have your heads."

Both swords were retracted immdediately, as if the scene had been rehearsed, and the guards lowered their eyes and mumbled "m'lady" as I passed regally between them.

Such fun kids.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad you can't put that on u-tube!
Uncle Ed