Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Day Early

The weather last week was less than ideal for a family vacation in June. Our guests saw very little of the beautiful mountains around us, as the peaks were shrouded in cloud cover most of the time.

Today, however, was beautiful. Puffy white clouds floated across a cerulean sky, casting dramatic shadows on the tree covered slopes.

We went to Forest and Connie's house for their daughter's extended family birthday party this evening. Before we ate, the women (Connie and her mother and Nance and her adult daughter, Jen, and myself) all went for a walk. It was stunningly beautiful, walking on the back road that winds up the mountainside (St. Mary's) near Connie's house. Purple lupine and yellow arnica covered the hillsides, accentuated here and there by the flame red of Indian paintbrush. We stopped on the banks of a creek to watch the rushing white water froth and churn and crash onto the rocks. It was gorgeous.

After dinner and one of Connie's signature decadent cakes, we headed for home. The drive home was incredible. Strange cloud formations--my son informed us of what they were, but I've forgotten--swirled across the sky in the fading light, pink and orange and purple. It was a glorious sunset.

Our friends left here a day early, I'm afraid. I wish they could have seen today. I suppose they will have to come back again someday.

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alison said...

They will.