Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bringing it Back Down

This afternoon marked the end of a long string of company. Our most recent guests, the H's, are dear friends, but after a wild and crazy week with them on the heels of so many other sets of guests right in a row, we are tired.

The kids and I accompanied the H's to the airport this afternoon, barely arriving in time. After a hurried round of hugs, they hustled through security in record time. We waved to the last of their gang as they whooshed out of sight...and we were alone.

For me, the let-down was instantaneous.

The kids began begging to go to our favorite used bookstore on the way home, but as much as I love that store, I suddenly knew I didn't have it in me. They asked if we could go to a local museum instead, or maybe a park; they clearly wanted to do anything but head straight home. I couldn't think of any place other than home I would rather be at that instant. Our positions clashed and the kids got testy. I countered. Being the authority figure, I won, but they were not at all pleased. It was obvious we were all exhausted, though they weren't ready to admit it yet.

By the time we got halfway through Missoula, though, both kids were sound asleep in the car. I was envious. I drove straight home, even skipping the flea market I'd been eyeing on the way into town earlier in the day. All I could think of was reuniting with my pillow.

It was a sweet reunion.

When my alarm clock sounded in my dark cave of a bedroom a half hour later, I didn't know where I was or whether it was morning, afternoon, or evening. I made the only reasonable choice; I hit the snooze. Eight minutes later, I was able to slowly piece together the facts and forced myself out of bed, lest I ruin a perfectly good night's sleep later.

I thawed some frozen pizzas, chopped up some veggies to pile on top of them and set out a quiet dinner of pizza and salad for just the five of us. It felt odd to fit so easily at the table.

After dinner, the kids were itching to play Dutch Blitz, a card game that the H's shared with us, so we played two loud and silly games of it. We laughed together as a family and enjoyed each other tremendously. By nine o'clock, we were wrapping up. By nine-thirty, the kids were in bed.

Now, half an hour later, I am ready for bed, too. It's been a good run, but I am done.


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strider1971 said...

having caught up on your posts sounds like you've had fun and enjoyed yourself. i've had my own fun (lol) just read my latest posts on my blog and you'll see. anyway was thinking of you guys and miss you all