Saturday, June 14, 2008

The All Day Garden Marathon

My daughter and I attacked the remaining weeding that needed to be done in Grandma's Garden today. It only took a couple of hours to finish it up, and then we were off to purchase some flowers.

Having a dear friend with a nursery is a wonderful thing. By this time of year, her business has dwindled significantly; most people have their plants in the ground already. There are still a few late wholesale orders to fill and a handful of retail customers pulling up for a little of this and a little of that, but mostly, she's wrapping up the season. By next weekend, she will be done completely until next February.

So I went over there today to pick up a few splashes of color to add a bit of cheerfulness to the garden. I had a limited amount of cash in my pocket, and I knew it wouldn't stretch very far, but I also know that Nance is a good friend and by this time in the season, she is just wanting to make the plants go away.

Sure enough, she pulled a loaves and fishes trick on me. My meager amount of cash somehow turned into an entire pick-up truck bed of plants, with a few more sitting beside me on the front seat.

"Oh, and you need three of these, and take a flat of those. Grab everything that's left of those--I don't know how they'll do for you, but it will be interesting to try them. Here, put these in the little corner of shade by your cherry tree. Oh, and you will love these--take a flat of them..."

I think she was having quite a bit of fun, loading me up with more than I had ever imagined.

Now, to get them in the ground. I will be at this all evening and probably all afternoon tomorrow. I'm sure Andy will join me in my planting endeavors tomorrow. That would actually be a really nice way to spend Father's Day for him.

I needed to get out of the sun for a bit, so I am taking a short break, but I will be right back at it as soon as I am hydrated and cooled a bit.

I'll post a photo of the finished product, and hopefully a few more over the course of the summer as the plants mature.

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alison said...

I'm so glad you were motivated to do this and can't wait to see the pictures.