Sunday, May 04, 2008

Still Here, For Now

We gave my bike a makeover today. I washed it, shined up the chrome, re-whitened the white wall tires and oiled every moving part, then Andy helped me move the handlebars up a little and took off the back tire and made some serious adjustments.

Turns out, when I went for my torturous ride yesterday, the rear tire was rubbing against the frame and even beyond that, didn't roll well. It basically took an astronomical amount of work just to keep the wheel turning--more than any person should have been expected to do. I'm so glad that it's not just me.

So now, with the necessary adjustments made, it is a whole different bike. It rides so nicely. It is still a heavy beast, though, and as a single-speed, I wouldn't want to ride it very far uphill or into a head wind.

Still considering selling, and am in contact with several people who are expressing interest in response to the listing on Craig's List.

But for as long as it lasts, I am totally loving this bike, especailly now that it is spiffed up and riding smoothly. Out at the campfire tonight, Andy and I sipped on Fat Tire amber ales. The bike pictured on the bottle looks strikingly like the one parked in my yard.


alison said...

I'm glad you got it functioning. Will you be riding it on a certain trail?

Sherry C said...

I will be riding it every chance I get and yes, especially on long, scenic and downhill trails.

Dan said...

Man, that Fat Tire New Belgium is a GREAT beer! But unfortunately, due to Michigan's bizarre alcohol laws, it's not available anywhere in Michigan.

I'm envious...drink one for me, will ya?