Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here are three favorite photos, all taken this evening in the span of five minutes.

First, Andy and Steve up on the roof, buttoning up the transition between the two rooflines. They have really accomplished a lot over the two weeks Steve has been here. The house is starting to take shape. My second favorite part of this photo (second to the handsome, smiling man facing the camera) is that lovely set of new kitchen windows framed in there. You can see my current kitchen window next to the ladder. In this case, bigger is better, baby.

Second, Elli is suddenly a nut for textiles. With a few scraps of fabric and a bit of string, she made this lovely fashion ensemble for her doll yesterday. Today, she started learning to sew and created this sleeping bag for her doll, clearly inspired by the tent in the yard. She was so incredibly excited to be using a real needle and thread and fabric shears. I convinced her that accidentally poking herself with the needle was not something to cry about, but was rather something to be proud of, as it verified that she was becoming a real seamstress. She bought it. I pulled the same thing with burning her finger on a hot pan in the kitchen--it only proved she was a cook.

And finally, here is Tano. I found him this way in his bedroom, doing his spelling homework with the quill pen he carved himself from a hawk feather. How cool is that?

I love these people.


Anonymous said...

Cool indeed!

Glad the house is taking shape.

Nice pics of your awesome kids.

You must be their biggest cheer leader.

Uncle Ed

Eagle-eye Di said...

Thanks for posting pictures as the house is taking shape.Great pics of Tano and Elli also.Wow that was quite ingenious of Tano to craft his pen from a hawk feather.Elli looks very proud of her beautiful new baby sleeping bag.Let me guess.It must mean she is planing on having sleep outs with her baby in the tent.Love all of you and even though I slip up on commenting,I am reading your blog.

Sheila said...

Did you decide about your schooling situation for next year? Just curious :)