Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saying Hello to My Tevas

Since the first glimpse of Spring, since the temperature first climbed into the sixties a couple of months ago, I have been looking for my Teva sandals. Since developing plantar fasciitis a couple of years back and being forced to wear shoes with good arch and heel support, they have been an essential part of my warm-weather wardrobe. No cute little flip-flops for me and no bare feet either, unfortunately.

In our February move from the Corvallis apartment back into the chaos of construction and company, they had been misplaced. I've fretted a little, but assumed that they would be found eventually, once I really searched thoroughly. Today, I decided to find them if it took all day.

It nearly did.

Not really, but I did scour through our storage for two hours. I opened every box in the house trailer on the edge of the property, where most of our stuff went after the move. I searched the barn. I rifled through the contents of the cargo trailer. I turned my bedroom upside down. In desperation, I finally glanced in the coat closet, where we used to keep seasonal shoes and boots, back before we moved. But I knew we had moved out completely last summer, down to the bare walls, and had only moved back in with a few essentials, as we were combining three households into one at that point. There was no way they could be in the coat closet, as much as I wanted to find them there, right where they should have been.

I found a box of glassware in the back corner of the closet, duplicates that were unneccessary when all three sets of glassware were combined into my tiny cave of a kitchen. I picked it up in vain and dug through it, making darn sure it didn't happen to contain one misplaced pair of Tevas underneath the mugs and glasses.


I was really baffled. They had disappeared--and these shoes would not be cheap to replace.

When I went to set the box back where it had been, I noticed a box I hadn't seen before. It was still taped shut. In my handwriting, the box had been clearly labeled with a Sharpie marker:

Shoes and Boots


My feet are so happy.

Note: That would also mean that the Mystery of Sherry's Missing Snowboots is solved, albeit a little late for this year.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! Persistance paid off. How's the building project coming along?

Uncle Ed