Monday, May 26, 2008

Saying Good-bye to My Children

The kids and I put the tent up in the yard this afternoon. We are technically a week early, as this week they are still in school. The jury is still out regarding sleeping in the tent on a school night. They can't tonight, for sure, as we are expecting gusting winds with a chance of rain and they wouldn't sleep much, I'm afraid.

After this week, though, I won't see much of my kids (except when they are hungry) until next Fall.

* Note: If you are coming to visit, we happen to have a few extra sleeping bags. Your children are welcome to join mine out there. There is plenty of space, one room designated for the boy(s) and one for the girl(s). The tent is the size of a small apartment.


Sheila said...

This is so strange - the kids and I put up a tent in our backyard this weekend! They set it all up, got on their jammies, brushed their teeth, and then decided they didn't want to sleep out there. (Stu and I were pretty bummed.)

Anonymous said...

The boys made their own makeshift tent/fort last weekend, while begging us to put up the real one. We're saving that for this weekend.

E-mail me and let me know what your calendar looks like in July. If you're up to a visit, the Martin Fam would like to invade Montana. We'll bring our own tent. :-)