Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Progress Pics

Just so you know what you are looking at...

In these first few photos, Andy and his dad are turning a large post on a homemade, man-powered lathe. It is a fairly creative set-up. Andy is the blade. Dad C. is the motor. If you are a woodworker, you get it. If not, just be amazed. The post will serve as a support to an exposed overhead beam in the lofted kitchen, as well as the center post for a spiral staircase going up to a small loft.

Dad C., cutting out the doorway that will go from his bedroom out to his patio area.

Here is the extent of the addition, with walls but no roof. I am standing in the back corner of my new bedroom, looking toward the kitchen. The green door there, for those of you who have been here before, used to be between the house and the garage.

Andy and Mr. Steve bring in the trusses. No photos of them putting them up, sorry.

Setting the big beams into place today.

The final beam was actually two pieces that fit together in a very attractive overlapping joint. Designing, planning, cutting, placing and fitting that beam was very challenging.

The guys were quite proud of their handiwork when it was finished, and enjoyed a well-deserved break, admiring it.

Have I mentioned lately that my husband is brilliant?

As you can see, the house is coming along well.


Anonymous said...

tkezarkcBrilliant indeed! Thanks for the update. Hope all continues to go well.
Uncle Ed

paul said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see it, in person.

Dan said...

The lathe is brilliant!

Looking good!

Sheila said...

Wow. That's amazing. He is brilliant.

CML_Shearings said...

Louis & I had just been commenting that we needed to drive by & check on your building progress when this entry appeared! Thanks. Looks great so far!

Anonymous said...

Sherry! This is amazing. The pics only kind of show how huge this addition will be. :))) Karen