Wednesday, May 28, 2008


- The sky is blue and the sun is shining--a big improvement over the last several days of heavy clouds and rain.

- The clouds and rain are expected to return tonight...and last through all of next week. It is Montana, though, and weather here is predictably unpredictable, so maybe the forecast will turn out to be completely wrong. A girl can hope.

- Baseball is finished for the season. Last night was our last game. We were supposed to have a tournament this weekend, but it was cancelled. And the schedule calls for one final game next week, but our team happened to get a bye. So we're done. Tano finished the season strong, much better than he started it, but at this point doesn't think he will play again next year. Elli, however, can't wait to be on a team next year. We'll see.

- I will try to post some more photos later today of the progress on the house. Today is Steve's last day working out there with Andy and they have made great progress. He drives home to Portland tomorrow.

- We have friends from Michigan arriving Friday night. We are all so excited to see them. My children are bouncing off the walls in anticipation of a Boy, a Bird and a Bean. They will stay for a week.

- Last night, I got out the big air mattress that will become the bed for the parents of the aforementioned three B's. After inflating it, I stretched my weary body out on it to make sure it would hold air and was asleep in seconds, even with the playoffs basketball game blaring from the TV right next to me. I think I was a little tired.

- The dishes and the laundry are calling to me, as is the sunshine outside. Which one should I answer?


Dan said...

I'd still give the siren song of the air mattress another listen.

Sherry C said...


The kitchen is clean; the laundry is well under-way; and I enjoyed some sunshine, as well.

A good day.

Sheila said...

Lucky! Have fun with A :)